wfjrFILMS Double Feature Package

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The wfjrFILMS Double Feature Package includes your choice of "The Possibility of Her" on DVD or Blu-Ray and the "Divided Time" Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Package.

"Divided Time" synopsis:
The responsibility of parenthood has caused many people to delay or abandon the pursuit of their dreams. “Divided Time” examines the impact of fatherhood on several aspiring independent hip-hop artists. It’s an inspiring behind-the-scenes look that counters the negative imagery often associated with hip-hop in mainstream media.

The "Divided Time" Blu-Ray/DVD Combo includes custom menus, live performance footage, a photo slideshow, exclusive music videos and other short documentaries, "Heaven Can Wait" and "Change In The Game."

Watch the trailer for "Divided Time" here:

"The Possibility of Her" synopsis:
"The Possibility of Her" is a feature-length documentary which highlights 12 women of color who are actively involved in non-traditional careers or passions. The film delves into each woman's personal and professional life discussing their beginnings, challenges, their take on gender norms as well as addressing some myths and misconceptions about women in their respective fields.

The "Possibility of Her" Blu-Ray (or DVD) includes extras such as music videos, trailers and promotional videos as well as the "Our Voices. Our Lives.: WOMAN." mini-documentary.

Watch the trailer for "The Possibility of Her" here: