Change In the Game 

Official Selection 2013 Atlanta Film Festival

Since its origins in the 1970s, Hip-Hop was once viewed as merely a passing fad. Now it has grown from its humble beginnings to have a global impact but, as with any growth there comes change. While artists and fans alike dispute whether the changes have been for the better or not, there is no denying their effect on the genre. Change in the Game discusses some of the changes that have taken place in Hip-Hop and how they have impacted the art, the audience and the artist.

Indie Hip-Hop in Atlanta

Winner “Critics Choice” & “Viewers Choice”
2012 “ATL Short Cuts” Short Film Contest

Atlanta’s population has exploded with a tremendous influx of transplants from cities across the nation and world. As a result, the indie hip-hop scene has become a large, diverse and active cross-section of artists. However, Atlanta remains to be defined primarily by its mainstream artists. This mini-documentary focuses on some of Atlanta’s “Underexposed” indie artists.